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SBxCHL Projects

The South Bronx Community Health Leaders Program offers its participants a myriad of volunteer, research and clinical opportunities. Listed below are some of the current projects connected with our Leadership Program

Programs requiring ID


PreK/3K Calls

Volunteers follow up with families contacted regarding PreK/3K information, resources, and assistance last year 

Patient Experience Surveys

Volunteers conduct patient experience or satisfaction surveys for patients who participated in remote/telehealth appointments

Grow NYC Fresh Food Box program

Volunteers assist with local distribution of weekly bags with fruits/vegetables in front of the clinic

Virtual Shadowing 

Participants virtually shadow Dr. Qadeer and Dr. Frias in the Montefiore clinic


Programs NOT requiring ID

Community Pesquisa Project

Volunteers contribute to the planning and administration of surveys in South Bronx communities to gather data on the impact of COVID-19, and provide needed resources to the survey takers.


Volunteers create monthly newsletters updating the clinic staff, SBxCHL members, patients, and community partners about SBxCHL activities, accomplishments, plans, stories, updates, and highlights on SBxCHL members and important health topics/issues


Volunteers create, edit, and update the website on SBxCHL

Social Media

Volunteers conduct outreach to follow up with patients on chronic care management

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